How Dancing Can Promote Mental Wellness

Like all forms of physical fitness, dance is an exceptional way to improve your overall health. Beyond the physical aspects of ballroom dancing, however, students are often surprised by the improvement of their mental wellness. Read more to find out how dancing can help you!

Improve Memory

The focus and diligence that dancing requires helps to improve memory and focus in the “real world”. If you ask our students, they’re quick to tell you how much they’ve forgotten since their last lesson, but in truth, their brains are getting a much needed workout each time they practice. Studies have shown a roughly 76% lower chance of developing dementia in dancers compared to their non-dancing counterparts!


One of the best benefits dancers cite regularly from their dancing is the ability to focus effectively while at work, home, and in the studio. The amount of coordination and attention dancing requires is as much mental as it is physical. Whether you’re learning a new step or preparing for a showcase, the effects on your brain are the same, although you are able to focus more when you have a clear goal & deadline set to learn the movement!

Preventative Care

Dancing can be a great tool for preventing the onset of mental deterioration as you age. Studies have shown that regular dancing is strongly related to persistent health and mental vigor in the advanced stages of life. In 2003, researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine looked at 11 different kinds of physical activity and determined that dancing was the only one which lowered a participant’s risk of dementia.

Stronger Relationships

Dancing with a partner is a huge part of the experience of dancing as a whole. The amount of trust and effort required to dance with a partner can be incredibly effective in bringing people together as teammates, friends, and even romantic partners. Remember, mental health is not only about your memory; it is also about managing stress, increasing a sense of self-confidence, and nurturing your social and emotional needs!

Manage Stress

When the body feels good, so does your mind. Physical activity releases endorphins, which serve to alleviate stress. There’s nothing like an intense session on the dance floor to forget about that bad day, let loose, and feel recharged. It’s important to set aside time for self-care; why not tackle physical, social, and mental wellness at the same time with a dance party? The New York Times even wrote an article highlighting the multiple cognitive and physical health benefits of dance.

What are you waiting for? Step into In Motion Ballroom and waltz out!

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