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Paso Doble

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The Paso Doble dates back many centuries and although recorded history about the Paso Doble is rare, there are some shared beliefs about the dance’s origins and evolution. Paso Doble music was originally played for the entrance of the matador into the bull-fighting ring. In Spainish tradition dating back to the 18th century, it was also known as “El Soleo”. Although the Paso Doble is based on a Spanish tradition, it’s believed that the dance was created in Southern France where they tried to portray the theatrics of the Spanish bullfight. Americans first viewed the Paso Doble when flamenco dancers used the music to dance the role of a bullfighter. While the Paso Doble dance has Spanish and French roots, a lot of the dance was developed and interpreted in Southern France around 1910 by French competition dance performers and instructors. The French’s development of the Paso Doble dance is why the dance’s figures and steps were coined with French names.

Paso Doble dancing gained popularity in the United States in the 1930s, and is generally seen today as a competitive or performance style dance.

In the ballroom version of the Paso Doble, the gentleman usually portrays the bullfighter and the lady is his cape, although there are times when a very strong aggressive action in certain movements seems to suggest the actions of the bull. The Paso Doble moves around the floor and is characterized by sharp movements. A most helpful aid in acquiring the proper feeling is to visualize the pageantry of the matadors, as they make their grand entry into the bull ring and feel the attitude that is displayed during the fight. It is a dramatic dance that tells a story through sharp, staccato movements, striking body poses, and flamenco style footwork.The Paso Doble has strong progressive steps, often using stomps and flamenco type footwork for dramatic effects. The body actions are sharp and quick and the chest is held high and proud. The sharp moves of Paso Doble dance make it a popular dance to be choreographed. Dancers are better able to hit strong movements with a planned dance making for a very dramatic effect.

Today the Paso Doble is considered a dance that teaches discipline as it gives dancing a strong structure and little artistic freedom. A lot of practice is needed to perform the Paso Doble successfully because of the expressiveness and strict musicality of the dance. When dancing in closed position, Paso Doble dancers have continuous body contact from chest to thigh and hold their hands much higher than the other competition dances. Paso Doble has been a competition dance since 1945 and has been a part of the World Dance Program since 1963.