Nightclub Two Step Dance Classes Jupiter FL (Palm Beach County)

Nightclub Two Step

Slow - Quick - Quick - Slow - Quick - Quick

The Nightclub Two Step is a slow dance that is perfect for nightclub, party or wedding dancing. This dance style is typically danced to ballads and is often used to “spice up” the average slow dance. Nightclub Two Step was developed in the 1960s by a 15-year-old West Coast Swing dancer named Buddy Schwimmer. He developed the Nightclub Two Step while practicing with his sister as he searched for a way to popularize slow ballad music. He noticed that during their high school parties, most of his friends stood still and shuffled in place when slow, romantic songs played. When Buddy opened a dance studio in Costa Mesa, California years later in 1978, he began teaching the Nightclub Two Step that can still be found in ballrooms and night clubs today.

He has kept his dance legacy strong running dance studios and swing dance competitions. His son, Benji Schwimmer, was voted as the winning dancer on the second season of the national dance competition TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance.” His daughter, Lacey Schwimmer, was a fourth place finalist on the third season of, “So You Think You Can Dance” and has been a coaching instructor on the TV show, “Dancing with the Stars” since 2008.

The Nightclub Two Step, like all dances, has evolved and changed over time. The dance has grown into two different styles. The original Nightclub Two Step footwork was done in a quick, quick, slow tempo danced as rock, in place, side. The Country Western dancers have adopted the Nightclub two step and included it in their competitions. Ballroom dancers also adopted the Nightclub Two Step and changed the basic footwork to be side, cross behind, in place, also in a slow, quick, quick tempo. The Ballroom version of the Nightclub Two Step is sometimes called the “Ballroom Two Step.” The Ballroom Two Step has a gliding, continuous, strong, and powerful quality of movement with a big sweeping feeling. It is technical and precise. 

The Nightclub Two Step is a great alternative for dancers who want to go beyond a simple slow dance with their partner. It’s a great dance to learn how to dance to slow music. Today, the Nightclub Two Step can be danced as a stationary dance, a dance that travels around the dance floor in the line of dance, or a combination of the two. As Nightclub Two Step dancers get better and more comfortable with the dance, it is popular to vary and combine all of the foundational moves, as well as add turns and styling for both the leader and follower.