Quickstep Dance Classes Jupiter FL (Palm Beach County)


Slow - Quick - Quick - Slow - Quick - Quick

The Quickstep, with its roots in Ragtime, was developed in the 1920’s in New York from a combination of Foxtrot, Charleston, Peabody and the One-Step. Originally it was danced solo – away from the partner, but later became a partner dance. The dance traveled to England and was developed into the dance that we know today, and was standardized in 1927. In a basic form Quickstep is a combination of walks and chasses but in an advanced stage hops jumps & many syncopations are utilized. It is an elegant and glamorous dance and body contact is maintained throughout the dance.

Faster than the Foxtrot, it’s a relatively easy dance to learn but challenging to master, particularly as you progress through the fundamentals. It requires a lot of energy and the ability to dance lightly and gracefully on your feet; the best quickstep dancers often appear as if their feet barely touch the ground!