West Coast Swing Dance Classes Jupiter FL (Palm Beach County)

West Coast Swing

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West Coast Swing is a modern style of swing dancing that developed in the 1940s on the West Coast of California. The West Coast Swing is a “slotted” dance which means the lady or follower travels forward and backward along a straight line on the floor and the leader guides the turns and variations from a single spot on the floor. West Coast Swing incorporates many forms of swing including the Lindy, Shag, Whip and Push. Versatile dancers, eager to display their talent, are continually innovating new and interesting movement in swing.

The West Coast Swing is danced in place in a “slot” or “rail”. Its slower tempo allows for freer rhythmic interpretations various syncopated rhythms. A relaxed, shuffling movement, and occasional use of hip movements and/or push style are also used to enhance the style of the dance. West Coast Swing is a unique style of swing dancing that has made a significant resurgence within the past few years. It’s a fun, improvisational style of dancing that even allows the lady or follower to “lead” on occasion. It is traditionally danced to slower, blues-style swing music, but many are dancing West Coast Swing to hip hop, R&B and pop music.

Today, West Coast Swing has many styles that can vary considerably. The West Coast Swing allows for a lot of fun improvisation and syncopations between partners. Modern West Coast Swing can be danced conservatively and smoothly with an up-right posture or as a wild and funky partner jazz dance. Regardless of style, West Coast Swing has a lead-follow structure with room for the follow to improvise and play “outside of the box.”

West Coast Dance is a living dance. It is constantly evolving. West Coast Swing challenges dancers to base the dance on its original form while incorporating different dance styles, improvisations, and movements into the dance.