East Coast Swing Dance Classes Jupiter FL (Palm Beach County)

East Coast Swing

Triple Step - Triple Step - Rock Step

East Coast Swing is perhaps the most famous American folk dance. The best known forms of Swing include the Charleston, Black Bottom, and Shag. In the early 1940s, these forms consolidated into what was called the Lindy, which was first danced as a modified box step, with a slight shuffling movement. As the shuffling progressed, it evolved into both the double and triple time Lindy, forming the basis of the East Coast Swing as it is danced today. 

In the mid-twentieth century, Swing was danced in the Harlem section of NYC to the music of Chic Webb, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, and other popular artists. For many years, more posh establishments frowned upon the wilder forms of Swing dancing because the acrobatics involved limited the number of people who could dance at one time. Today’s swing dancing makes it possible, however, to dance in a relatively small area. Dancers have added their own interpretations and changes to style, all based on the simple basic movements. Free rhythmic interpretation is characteristic, using single, double or triple rhythms. A relaxed shuffling movement and use of upper body sway is also used to highlight the Swing.

The dance as a codified system was formed by major dance studios in the 1940s based on the Lindy Hop, which was felt by dance studios to be too difficult to teach to beginning dancers; however, with a market demand for training in Swing Dance, it quickly became a staple for dance studios. The name East Coast Swing was coined to distinguish the dance from the street form and the new variant used in the competitive ballroom arena (as well as separating the dance from West Coast Swing). The basic East Coast Swing is done in triple step, touch step, or single step patterns. It continues to be a fun dance style choice, and while one needs to know the basics and a few patterns to get by dancing it, the most important elements of success are having a love for the dance, enjoying the music and being open to fun!