Navigating the Art of Learning a New Skill

Embarking on the journey of mastering a new skill involves understanding the time it takes to truly excel. Whether you are learning a new language, the art of knitting, or ballroom dancing, it takes time to build up a skill to be able to fully enjoy the hobby. As dedicated dance instructors we aim to […]

Navigating the Dance Floor with Elegance: The Art of Social Dance Etiquette

In the world of social dancing, where rhythm and fun meets grace and poise, etiquette plays a crucial role in creating a positive experience for everyone involved. Beyond mastering the dance steps, understanding the nuances of social dance etiquette is key to ensuring a seamless and enjoyable dance journey. Social dancing comes with its unspoken […]

How Do You Dance with Someone You’ve Never Practiced with Before?

Dancing is a beautiful and expressive form of art that transcends barriers and brings people together. It’s an activity that allows individuals to communicate without words, expressing emotions and joy through movement. Dancing with someone who has never danced before can be a rewarding experience, as it gives you the opportunity to introduce them to […]

What to Expect from Your First Ballroom Dance Competition

As seasoned competitors, we know it can be intimidating for a new dancer to make the decision to step onto the competition floor. One of best ways to prepare yourself is to come and support your friends as they compete; this way you’ll see what it’s like and have an idea of what to expect […]

How to Make the Most of Your Dance Lessons

If you’ve just signed up to take ballroom dance classes, it’s time to celebrate! You’re about to learn a new skill that can bring a lifetime of joy and treasured memories. If you’ve never taken dance lessons before, you may be wondering how you can absorb – and retain! – the information quickly. We’ve got […]

The Path to Becoming a Dancer

There is always one question new dancers ask us: “How long does it take to be a good dancer?” Our answer is, “You are good! The longer you study, the more knowledge you receive. You’ll always want to be a better dancer!” You can be a good beginner dancer or a good professional dancer, but […]

Tips for Better Leading & Following

Updated: Oct 10, 2022 Leading and following are the primary ingredients to partner dancing; couples should be in sync as they move across the floor. Did you know that the conventions of partner dancing originally mirrored the conventions of courting? The Waltz was initially greeted with shock and apprehension by the old-fashioned members of society and […]

Dress for the Dance You Want

When it comes to attire for your lessons, it really is a matter of personal preference; however, dressing the part truly makes a difference. A long dress for foxtrot or a fun skirt with fringe for salsa can help put you in the right mindset to add your personality to each dance. How do you […]

What to Expect from Your First Dance Lesson

Many people who are interested in dance lessons hesitate due to concerns over their lack of experience, but have no fear! The vast majority of our students come to their very first lesson with no previous dance experience. If you haven’t had much exposure to ballroom dancing, you may not be sure what the process […]