3 Reasons Why Dancing is the Perfect Form of Exercise

Dancing is an amazing way to stay in shape; it helps you burn calories, tone muscles, improve endurance, and more. Read more to see why our students (and our staff!) enjoy dance as a form of exercise.


Let’s face it, exercise can be boring! Many people want to feel the results that running on treadmill or lifting weights can provide, but they find it difficult to stay motivated and interested. Of course, it’s beneficial to have a well-rounded and diverse exercise routine, but when you’re taking ballroom dance lessons, you don’t really “feel” like you’re exercising. You’ll have fun while breaking a sweat, and your muscles may feel sore after an intense technique session or rehearsal for a new trick. The great thing about dance lessons is that it won’t get boring; you’re learning a new skill, socializing, and enjoying your favorite music, which makes it easy to stay motivated! *Pro Tip: diversify your repertoire of dance styles to use different muscle groups!


Life is filled with all sorts of stress; if you’re already feeling burned out, it can be hard to push yourself to exercise. Dance, however, is proven to boost your mood and contribute to mental wellness. A fun dance lesson or attending a social party can completely change your mood at the end of a bad day. Our students often let us know that their dance lesson was the highlight of their day!


Most people struggle to continue with new habits, especially ones that promote positive lifestyle change. Think about it, how much easier is it to stick with your comfortable routine? It’s nothing to be embarrassed about – we’re all guilty of it! Social activities, like ballroom dancing, provide you with the right amount of pressure to stay consistent. Don’t forget, you’ll also have a professional instructor on your side to make sure you achieve your goals!


Ballroom dance engages multiple muscle groups, providing a complete body workout. You use your legs for footwork and balance, your core for posture and stability, and your arms for partnering and styling. Ballroom dance can also be a highly aerobic activity that improves your cardiovascular health. As you learn different patterns, you improve your proprioception and spatial awareness, which can enhance your overall balance and coordination. Ballroom dance also incorporates stretches, extensions, and fluid movements that promote flexibility and improve your range of motion. Although it is an exercise, it is low-impact and can be adjusted for all skill levels Regular dancing is not just a physical exercise; it also challenges your brain. Learning new steps, patterns, and routines requires concentration, memory recall, and quick thinking, promoting mental agility and cognitive function. The expressive nature of ballroom dance allows for emotional expression and release, and can be a form of artistic and emotional outlet, helping you release stress and uplift your mood!

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