What to Expect from Your First Dance Lesson

Many people who are interested in dance lessons hesitate due to concerns over their lack of experience, but have no fear! The vast majority of our students come to their very first lesson with no previous dance experience. If you haven’t had much exposure to ballroom dancing, you may not be sure what the process looks like; keep reading to familiarize yourself with the beginning stages of learning to dance!

In Motion Ballroom is a friendly, welcoming space where you can feel comfortable and free to learn a new skill. Both students and staff are eager to share their love for dancing with new friends! Below are answers to some questions you may have before taking your first lesson:

What happens when I show up for my first lesson?

Great question! You’ll be greeted by a member of our team, who will give you a quick tour of the studio and ask you to fill out a few forms before the lesson starts. Your instructor will then sit down with you and chat with you about your reasons for taking dance lessons, what you’re hoping to achieve, and what will happen during the lesson. We want you to feel comfortable, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

We made it onto the dance floor – now what?

This is the fun part! You’ve likely decided on two or three dances to try, and now it’s time to put your feet to the test. Your teacher will walk you through the basic steps in each dance; rest assured, it’s perfectly normal to forget the steps after your first lesson, so try to focus on getting comfortable moving with a partner and having fun. The goal of your first couple of lessons is to gain confidence in your own ability to learn (memorization comes through repetition, so be patient with yourself!), so as long as you are moving and having fun, you’re doing it right!

What happens after we dance?

Once you’ve got the moves down and your instructor has had a chance to get acquainted with how you learn, you’ll sit down and talk about how you felt during the lesson. If we did our job right, you will have a big smile on your face! Your instructor will let you know things they noticed you did well (and the things you may want to work on in the future), and you will discuss the best way for your to achieve your goals. Whether you are preparing for a specific event or just looking for a fun date night, we can help you create attainable goals and a plan for success.

Still have questions? Feel ready to jump right in? Either way, give us a call!

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