Deciding on the Perfect Wedding Dance: Tips and Tricks for a Memorable Moment

The choice of the perfect wedding dance can be both exciting and daunting. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and the first dance as a married couple is a moment you’ll cherish forever. Selecting the right dance and preparing for it can be a truly enjoyable experience. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to decide on the ideal wedding dance and share some valuable tips and tricks to make your first dance unforgettable.

1. Know Your Style

The first step in deciding on your wedding dance is to consider your style as a couple. Are you classic and elegant? Playful and fun-loving? Or perhaps you have a love for a specific dance style, like the sultry tango or the timeless waltz. Choose a dance style that resonates with your personalities and the overall tone of your wedding.

2. Consult a Dance Instructor

Enlisting the help of a professional dance instructor is a great idea. At In Motion Ballroom, you will find skilled instructors who specialize in wedding dance preparation. Our expert team will guide you in selecting the perfect song and style that complements your vision and skill level.

3. Select the Right Song

The song you choose is the heartbeat of your wedding dance. Consider meaningful lyrics, melodies, and the overall vibe of the song. It should be a tune that holds significance to your relationship and evokes emotions. Keep in mind that most instructors recommend cutting the song to about 2:00 – 2:30, so be sure to let them know which parts of the song you’d like to keep and which parts you’re open to cutting out.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

Regardless of your dance experience, practice is key to a successful wedding dance. Start practicing well in advance to build your confidence and comfort on the dance floor. Regular practice sessions will also help you master the choreography and allow you the freedom to add in your personality. If you haven’t practiced enough and you’re still thinking about the steps, it can be difficult to enjoy the moment!

5. Set Realistic Goals

Don’t strive for perfection; aim for authenticity. Your wedding dance should reflect your love story, not a flawless performance. Clear expectations of your own skills and/or limitations, coupled with your instructor’s honest assessment, will set you up for success. Focus on enjoying the moment together!

6. Communicate

Clear communication with your partner is essential. Discuss your expectations and comfort levels when it comes to dance. Be patient with each other and work as a team to perfect your routine. Being upfront with yourselves and your instructor about the amount of time you have to invest on practicing will help you have clear goals and make it easier for your instructor to effectively plan each lesson.

7. Dress Rehearsal

Practice your dance in your wedding attire, or at least shoes that are similar to what you’ll be wearing on the big day. This will help you get a feel for how you’ll move in your wedding outfit. In Motion Ballroom has practice wedding skirts in a variety of silhouettes to help you get more comfortable dancing in a floor-length gown!

8. Surprise Your Guests

If you want to add an element of surprise to your wedding dance, consider a change in tempo, style, or even a fun twist that will delight your guests. Just be sure to practice the surprise element well in advance!

9. Capture the Moment

Don’t forget to have a trusted friend or professional videographer and photographer capture your wedding dance. You’ll want to relive the moment and share it with loved ones for years to come!

Choosing the perfect wedding dance is a delightful journey that adds an extra layer of magic to your big day. The right dance style, a well-chosen song, and lots of practice will help you create a memorable and meaningful moment that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Keep these tips and tricks in mind and let your love story shine through your wedding dance, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience. Call In Motion Ballroom today at 561.851.4808 to set up your complimentary wedding consultation!

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